I don’t know why I was so out of the loop on this one. I’m a huge fan of Donald Glover, so I thought I knew every Childish Gambino track out there. Somehow I missed this one, and it’s incredible. Crawl is addictive. Something in me needs to hear it every morning before I can start my day. The thing about Childish Gambino tunes is that they just don’t get old. This one’s been on repeat since it graced my presence on a Spotify playlist. The hook just gets me. It’s so fun, yet it has just the right amount of hardness to give it some edge. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this one. I’m just sad it took me this long to discover it.

I Wish (My Taylor Swift)

It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Knocks. These guys have made appearances again and again on this blog, and about 10,000x more on my playlist. I Wish is everything I’d hoped for. It’s a song you can’t not dance to. The beat is amazing, the lyrics are amusing as hell and the vocals are prefect. Matthew Koma knows what he’s doing. I’ve been a fan since Zed’s Spectrum, straight through the RAC days. Every time I see his name on a track I know it’s going to be good, and when you throw the Knocks in the mix it’s going to be unreal. I’d call this a perfect combination.

Travi$ Scott- 90210

This is the kind of track I can’t get enough of… one that takes you on a journey. The beginning kind of sounds like a scene in a horror movie that’s about to go from gloomy to downright outrageous, and that’s exactly what 90210 does. The buildup is intense for a hip-hop song and the payoff is magic. The creepy, haunting vocals in the background are just what I needed to get hooked. The change-up mid-tune is reminiscent of classic Kanye and there’s absolutely no doubt in my love for Yeezus. The song finishes leaving me feeling totally satisfied, not unlike the end of the perfect zombie flick. Clearly, I’m pumped for Halloween and this song is getting me there. The lyrics are enough to keep me from getting bored, Travi$ Scott’s style is perfect and the beat is just right. Those are the ingredients for a delicious track, but it’s the production that takes it to the next level. Kudos to DJ Dahi and friends. To me, this was nothing short of perfection.

I wish there was a video to post but this is the best I could do:


Some may say summer ended after Labour Day, but for whatever reason today feels like we’re finally nearing the end to me. It’s not the first cold day. It’s not even a cold day at all, but we’re half way through September so reality is starting to hit. Summer 2015 was a good one. I started graduate school, hit up a ton of shows, enjoyed exploring my new city, spent way too much time out on boats and got an amazing tan. All of those things were wonderful, but the highlight was definitely Wayhome Festival. I spent months looking forward to it and it more than exceeded my expectations. I would give anything to go back and relive it. Since time travel isn’t an option yet, this tune will do. Odesza’s Bloom brings me back to Saturday night of Wayhome, dancing by myself in a crowd full of strangers and feeling absolutely elated to be hearing one of my favourite acts in the flesh again. It’s even better because this is the live version, so I really feel like I’m there. That night is one I’ll never forget.

Need You Now

I really want to be one of those people that loves my job so much that I can’t wait to go back to work, but I’m not. My days are certainly much more entertaining than they used to be because of the amazing things I’ve been able to experience as a graduate student, but I can’t help feeling a little anxiety. The sense of impending doom due to the tiny window of time I have to complete my experiments and write my thesis has made me treasure my weekends now more than ever. I long for the chance to escape my responsibilities for a night. Unfortunately, I have to keep a part time job because the city life is outrageously expensive, so when I do have a weekend night off I put all my energy in to making sure it’s worthwhile. When I finally get to let loose on a Friday or Saturday, it feels a bit like Christmas Day as a six year old. I get so excited and hype it up for so long. Once it actually arrives I make sure I’m having a great time but I also feel a little sadness knowing it’s coming to an end. The song that completely encapsulates that feeling is Hot Chip’s Need You Now.

The beat in this song is infectious. It’s absolutely a song you want to dance to, but that touch of sadness emanates through. The lyrics may describe a scenario slightly different from mine, but the feeling is the same. It’s that sense of longing I start to feel as soon as my night nears the end, but in my case it’s for more time. This sounds a little depressing, but the sadness certainly isn’t overwhelming. The melody is uplifting enough to remind me to enjoy myself and get lost in the music while I still can. This is the perfect song to make sure I end my night on the right note. I absolutely love it.

Adventure Club x Foxes

In the spirit of seizing the day this weekend I’m posting a remix of a tune with particularly poignant lyrics in my eyes…

Don’t tell me our youth is running out,

it’s only just begun

I need a daily reminder of this. Now that I’ve hit my mid 20’s some of my friends are starting to get really serious. It feels like every girl is racing toward age 45 with kids, a husband, a career and a home, while every guy is clinging to the feeling of being 18 and free. That’s a huuuuge generalization because obviously not everyone’s thoughts are determined based on gender and a supposed biological clock, but at this particular moment it seems all too accurate. This is something I’ve never understood because I’ve never felt the pressure to follow this particular path, but when all of your friends start to pity you for taking a different route you need a little gentle reminder to get your mind right… 24 is way too young for this bullshit. Even 50 is too young for this. I’d like to think of youth as a state of mind I’ll hopefully never leave and Foxes has written my anthem, Youth. Adventure club did a little mix a while back on what I’d call a Foxes classic and I absolutely love it (though the orig. is definitely still worth checking out). This isn’t a new tune, but music never ages.

Caribou at The Danforth Music Hall

I feel like I live at the Danforth Music Hall, but I love it. It does great things for short people because the floor is angled down enough that I can usually see regardless of where I’m standing. Also, I’ve seen so many shows there in the past year that it’s a haven of fond memories. This one was no different.

I was super late because of a family party in Fort Erie which meant I missed the opening act. I hate missing openers because it’s such a great way to find new music. You have to trust that the headliners and their people have good taste and pair them with great up-and-coming acts. This is usually the case, and I was quite excited to see what Egyptrixx had in store. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another day. Egyptrixx is from Toronto, so hopefully that means the day will come sooner rather than later.

I also missed the beginning of Caribou’s set which was absolutely devastating, but I caught the second half and have to appreciate that at least I had the pleasure of enjoying that. I heard a number of hits from Swim and Our Love that I know and love. My personal favourites were Our LoveCan’t Do Without You and my absolute favourite, Odessa. I couldn’t keep my grin contained when that one started. The entire crowd was loving it. I would describe the scene as a hipstery rave. It was sweaty, kind of smelly and amazing. The combination of the light show, the music and the massive album art backdrop made it a treat for all your senses, except maybe smell. I was so impressed but I knew to expect greatness because anyone that’s seen Caribou before has raved about them. Sometimes Dan rolls on his own as Caribou but he had a full band of four on Saturday which made the experience even better. Live vocals and instruments make an electronic show a thousand times more impressive. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that the next time Caribou comes through the city I’ll be there for the entire show. I’ll even tell every human I know to make sure no one misses out on the experience. Even if you aren’t that in to electronic music, this is a show you can appreciate. The only downside is that some of my favourites either weren’t played, or I missed them (which is my fault). I was really excited to hear Mars, Silver and Julia Brightly, but that’s okay. I will catch them next time!

I’ll leave you with a live performance of Back Home from Brixton Academy (not the show I was at) so you have an idea of what I mean when I say it was a spectacular visual experience as well…