Let You Go


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If you’re looking for a tune to provide the soundtrack for the transition in to springtime I suggest you throw on Let You Go by The Chainsmokers. This time of year is one of the happiest because winter is FINALLY coming to a close and that requires something upbeat and light hearted. This song is exactly that times ten. I may be jumping the gun here because it was cold as fuck two days ago but I’m testing out this whole optimism thing. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyways, if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that the Chainsmokers have party beats down to a science. This song is just begging to be played at your next predrink. The beat is infectious and the vocals, provided by Great Good Fine Ok, will stick in your brain for hours.

Dancing with Myself


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The kings of songs to make you feel sexy have done it again with Dancing with Myself. The Knocks have hit out of the park in this department so many times already that it should come as no surprise they’ve got another masterpiece on their hands. This one is something different though. It’s a little slower, more sultry and features one element that I believe to be an instant hit-maker these days, a sax solo. I’ve seen The Knocks live and can attest to the fact that they are something special. Their remixes are always amazing but it’s their originals that have me saying I can’t wait for more.

Shake Me Down


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In the spirit of breakup songs, I present you with Shake Me Down. The biggest reason I consider this a breakup song is because Broken Witt Rebels’ sound reminds me so much of the early days of Kings of Leon that got me through all of my high school heartache. I was obsessed with Kings of Leon and miss that sound ever so much. I’m not hating on new Kings but it lacks something they used to have that had me hooked. It seems like Broken Witt Rebels have found that thing. I don’t know whether it’s the soulful, bluesy-but-sexy sound of the singer’s voice or those gritty guitar riffs but I absolutely love it. I did a little surfing and discovered that these guys are not from the deep south like I had imagined and are actually from Birmingham. I don’t know how but they managed to capture the southern bluesy-rock sound perfectly.

Ritual Union


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I hate to admit that after everything I’ve been through I still let the little things like relationships issues get to me but I’m human. No one is immune to a little heartache. That being said, I hate nothing more than dwelling on the small things I can’t change. When I need a pick-me-up I turn to music. I usually blast Biggie’s Juicy which will forever be my number one break-up song but this situation does not require busting out the big guns just yet. All I need is a little virtual hug in the form of a song and Ritual Union does exactly that for me. It’s most definitely my feel good song of the moment. This Little Dragon tune put me in a drunkish dance trance several times this past weekend when I was feeling particularly low and it did the trick. It’s let me forget all of the little dramas that have been bringing me down and remind me that there will always be something to look forward to. Even at the worst of times (which is definitely not the case right now.. I’m just being dramatic) there’s always a song to turn to that can lift your spirits enough to push through.

All Day


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Kanye has emerged on the scene again and I couldn’t be happier. I will defend this guy til I die. I know he has the most ridiculously self-absorbed attitude but you’re wrong if you can’t admit he’s made some amazing music. I feel like All Day is an evolved throwback to Graduation-era Kanye, which is something a lot of his fans have been missing. I certainly wasn’t one of them because I absolutely loved Yeezus, but I have zero issues with this new tune. The songs he’s debuted so far appear to be a little less abstract than some of the Yeezus gems (i.e. I Am A God and New Slaves) while still maintaining a sense of uniqueness that couldn’t belong to anyone else. Some critics are calling it the same old Kanye, but I don’t care. I love old Kanye, so why shouldn’t I love new Kanye too?

I am beyond excited for this new album, apparently entitled So Help Me God, to come out. It seems like 50% of the population loves nothing more than to hate on Kanye so provided this is in fact the title they’ll have a smorgasbord to feed on. Kanye and Kanye fans alike don’t give a shit. All I need is new Kanye to fuel my obsession because I’ve had Yeezus on repeat for ages and wouldn’t mind introducing something new to the rotation. It should also be noted that the caliber of artists that Ye brought on for his latest project are absolutely amazing and most certainly some of the best musicians out right now. I can’t wait to see who else he’s collaborated with. If All Day and his Saturday Night Live performance of Wolves (featuring the amazingly talented Sia and Vic Mensa) are any indication of the quality I can expect from the new release I know I will be more than pleased.

Baby Blue


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I’ve been getting in to Action Bronson lately and was so pumped when I saw that he teamed up with Chance the Rapper again for Baby Blue. I’ve always known Action Bronson as the big guy with a penchant for humour whose more like a caricature than a legitimate rapper, but I’ve been misinformed. Action Bronson has created some bangers that have helped pump me up for weekend shifts at the bar like none other (see Actin Crazy). He’s definitely capable of creating hits and the humour doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take a song seriously. Baby Blue is both a super fun hit and a comedic success. While he kills it right from the start, Chance the Rapper’s verse on this tune is what made it something extra special.

Chance has a gift for dark, malevolent lyrics that sound sweet, or are paired with a happier beat, but have a bitter tone. I have a soft spot for songs that are so blatantly depressing or hateful that you’re forced to take a step back and laugh at the situation. A perfect example of this was in Chance’s No Better Blues. As I’ve mentioned before, the lyrics are so ridiculous it must be satire. Chance does it again when he attacks in full force for his verse in Baby Blue. The lyrics are so perfect I have to include them here:

I hope you get a paper cut on your tongue

from a razor in a paper cup.

I hope every soda you drink

already shaken up.

I hope your dreams dry like raisins

in the baking sun.

I hope your titties all saggy

in your early 20’s.

I hope there’s always snow in your driveway.

I hope you never get off Fridays,

and you work at a Friday’s

that’s always busy on Fridays.

I hope you win the lottery

and lose your ticket…

I hope the zipper on your jacket get stuck,

and your headphones short,

and your charger don’t work,

and you spill shit on your shirt.

I swear he must have sat down and thought of everything that could ruin a person’s day. I love the part about never getting Fridays off… I know exactly how that feels and that’s especially cruel for someone to wish that upon you. This may just be the most deviously spiteful breakup song ever made. It’s absolutely genius and I LOVE it. I’m sure it will come in handy to me at some point.

Birthday Stuff


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I always get a little down on my birthday because I have a ridiculous obsession with youth. I cried when I turned 18 and then pretty much every year after that. I’m making a solid attempt to be less shallow and dramatic about my impending death due to old age (hopefully), and instead of wallowing I decided to throw a big party this year. I had an amazing time and was successful in gathering a large number of friends together to celebrate our births. Since that was a smashing success I’m feeling a bit better about turning 24. For me, this is a big one.


Birthday celebrations!


I consider 24 to fall within the range of mid-20’s which comes with it’s own little set of expectations. As an individual in my mid-20’s, I should be less of an immature, lost, little fuck-up and more of the sort that gets things done (a grown-up). I feel like I’ve made strides toward adulthood this past year by moving out on my own, becoming more independent and applying to graduate school. I’m new at this grown-up thing so we’ll see how it all pans out but at this point I’m feeling optimistic.

I’ve decided to celebrate the day with this super fun new tune by Viceroy. I came across it this past weekend and played it out at my birthday party. It’s got one element that instantly elevates a song to new heights, a sax solo. The world has not heard enough of the sax. This song sounds like summer to me and that’s one thing I have to look forward to now that the end of February is almost here… Only one more month of winter!!!!! See? Optimism!

See ya 23


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I’ve decided to celebrate the close of my 23rd year with a song that reminds me of what was probably the highlight of my entire year, Osheaga. I did lot of exciting things as a 23-year old being, including publishing my first journal article, writing a post for Thought Catalog, starting this blog, attending my first solo show, moving to the city and applying to graduate school. Despite all of these things I’ve done and accomplished this year, I’ve decided to celebrate the close of my 23rd year with a song that reminds me of what was probably the highlight of my entire year, Osheaga. There were a select few times this past year that I felt like I was in a true state of bliss and Flume’s set at Osheaga was one of them. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a better mood. Everything was perfect; the early August sun, the slightly foreign feel of Montréal, my amazing crew, and the unreal set that Flume put on. I may have had a slight buzz that contributed to the elation I was feeling, but even if I hadn’t been drinking I still would have danced like I didn’t give a fuck. It was just that kind of show. Insane takes me back to that moment and I can’t get enough. It’s been 6 months and I’m still reminiscing. Here’s to you, 23, a year of musical discovery and major life changes…

Flume captured my heart

Flume captured my heart



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Tonight is the eve before my 24th birthday party. This year I decided to do something a little different and throw a bash at a pub downtown Toronto. My musical stylings may have you thinking that I like to rave when in fact it’s quite the opposite. I enjoy a good dance party here and there, but for the most part I would prefer to hang in a bar and socialize. I opted to say fuck you to traditions and not spend the night clubbing. Doing this also means I get to be the master of my own party playlist. Nothing could make me happier.

I’ve developed one monster list for the evening alternating between dance tracks and rap. I’ve included some top 40 hits because it “pleases the people” (yes, I am quoting myself), but for the most part these are all tunes I could easily get in to. Part I is mostly rap and hip hop while Part II is more house and electronica. Documenting it all as a SoundCloud playlist will let me remember forever what I hope to be one of the best nights of my 24 years thus far. VOM 24 is so old.

Part I:

Part II:


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