The Internet

If you ever feel like shaking things up a bit, look for new music. It’s such a great way to start your day off on a good note if you’re in the mood for subtle changes. Finding new artists and keeping your playlist fresh fights the monotony of that 9-to-5 life. It will keep you sane, if only for a little while.

I love me some hip hop and house, but I need something new and refreshing. My playlist has been taking a big hit with all the party nights and gym grinds lately. I was desperately in need of new tunes tonight and I stumbled on The Internet. They aren’t exactly new to my collection, but there are a few gems I’ve just discovered that mix it up just the right amount. They aren’t exactly house party, but not the kind of music you cry to either. There’s some funk in there that I’m loving.

I’ve chosen Get Away as the first track for this post because this will demonstrate exactly why I say these guys shake things up.

Now here’s Special Affair/Curse to take that feeling to the next level…

St. Lucia at the Phoenix

I had the pleasure of seeing St. Lucia at the Phoenix on Monday. My sister and I have seen them together three times now. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to go when they’re in town and I can’t complain. These guys are incredible. Every member of the band has this incredible stage presence and the good vibes are infectious. You can tell the band is loving life because they can’t stop dancing and every body in the crowd is moving with them. The stage was decorated like a tropical mirage, which is the perfect backdrop for sounds like theirs. The songs are a mix of 80’s-esque pop hits and electronic dance anthems. I’ve posted about them many times in the past so I won’t bother going through my favourites from the last album. They just released Matter a couple of weeks ago so it was great to hear them live for the first time. Help Me Run Away is a future classic pop hit. You can really hear Jack Antonoff’s influence which is not a complaint because I love Bleachers. Love Somebody is a little slower and a little sweeter, drenched in 80’s synth vibes. Physical is my personal favourite at the moment. I love me some good electronic tunes and this is it. I feel like it needs some strobe lights and a Queen West bar basement for the full experience, and I mean that in the best way. Those nights are always the most fun when you really let loose. Overall, the show was amazing. They need to come back like right now!

She feat. Frank Ocean

This one isn’t exactly new but definitely worthy of a post. I am definitely biased towards the strange and unusual with my tastes when it comes to hip hop. I firmly believe that being different is what takes someone from musician status to full-blown artist. This is the same reason I love Kanye and Travi$ Scott. They aren’t exactly predictable and you can tell that a tremendous amount of thought has been put in to every bar. Tyler the Creator is the definition of an artist. She is so strange that it occupies every part of your mind to try and take it all in. The beat is almost creepy and the lyrics definitely are (note the necrophilia). It’s a song with a dark twist that you scan’t help but listen to at full volume. The song is complimented perfectly by the beautifully creepy video that you can’t look away from. See for yourself…

Down for Whatever

Imad Royal and Pell dropped Down for Whatever not too long ago and it’s been in my head for just as long. Imad’s sound is as smooth as butter, and Pell’s verse gives it the kick it needs to end the song on a high note. It perfectly captures the casual, blasé nature of relationships today. I’m pretty sure Imad’s describing a relationship he’s happy with, but who really knows when you describe it as “down for whatever”… But that’s just how it goes now. Frustrations aside, the song is lots of fun.

Chasing Shadows

February is known to most as the worst month of the year due to it’s, horrible weather and Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s the month of my birth.  Therefore, February is a month-long party. Also, this particular day is unseasonably warm. Today is the perfect day to surround yourself with happy tunes. Santigold has created this playful, sunny day in the form of a song with Chasing Shadows. Let this one put a smile on your face.

Smoke and Retribution

My love for hip hop is paramount, as is my love of Flume. Praise him for creating hip hop you must dance to. This collab featuring Vince Staples and Kučka is out of this world. I love the hook. It plants the seed but Vince Staples’ verses take it to new heights. This is just an all-around damn good song. If Flume doesn’t make an appearance in Toronto soon I’m going to have to write a letter…